Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quote: Life

Source: Pinterest

Gift: Santa

Now that Christmas is long over, I will finally post a gift I got over the holidays:
Scotch tape in a donut dispenser and a very dainty (yet practical) pencil from Japan. Thanks Marie!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Typewriter: Olympia SM3

An elderly woman sold this Olympia SM3 to my mom for 5 bucks. She kept it in top notch, dust free, working condition. I typed a letter, and so far, the only problems I have encountered are with that of the user. I am having some typo, spacing, and margin issues. Sooo basically, I am completely typewriter deficient. I still haven't used my red Royal, but for some reason, I was immediately drawn to this one for actual use. On a side note, other than the fact that all of my typewriters were gifted to me, it still never ceases to be exciting to have another added to my collection of paper weights. When I open a case, it truly feels as if I am lifting the cover to a little treasure chest filled with um, very inexpensive metal. Each time, I have no idea what to expect, whether it will be a rusty wreck of a device or mostly, pristine and lovely and functional. When I see the keys and design details (or lack of, sometimes, depending on the time period it was made), it's as though I have a a bit of history in my smallish hands. What more could I ask for?

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