Saturday, February 21, 2015

When You Have Kids: Ariel Lego

Things you find around the house when you have kids: A perfectly positioned Ariel lego on the window sill.

Food Challenge #1: Creamy Leek and Pancetta Pappardelle

For several months now, I've been cooking the same handful or so recipes. I finally decided to venture out and try new recipes on roughly a weekly basis. I wanted to keep the first challenge fairly simple, but I ended up spending more $$ than I was expecting and taking longer to prepare the dish as well. So far, each one of my food challenges will have either few or poorly taken photographs because I feel like a bad Top Chef contestant during a Quick Fire round. Anywho, so first up:

Creamy Leek and Pancetta Pappardelle
Recipe source: Blogging Over Thyme
Changes made to recipe: Doubled it to yield lunch leftovers
Overall flavor: A-

Aesthetics: D
Verdict: A heavy but rather delicious dish.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Doodle: Trees

I did this sketch on the airplane, but didn't complete most of it until the ride back. It's filled with errors, but I figured at least I got started! #DrawnWithoutErasures

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quote: Life

Source: Pinterest

Gift: Santa

Now that Christmas is long over, I will finally post a gift I got over the holidays:
Scotch tape in a donut dispenser and a very dainty (yet practical) pencil from Japan. Thanks Marie!